Welcome to Fortress Resistors

Designing and manufacturing power resistors for all industries

Fortress Resistors are an Australian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of power resistors. We operate from our production facility in Melbourne and are proud to offer a wide choice of designs to meet your exact needs.

With expert engineering and a broad product range, Fortress Resistors can help you meet your deadlines by being quick, responsive, and knowledgeable about your applications and the latest requirements of standards.

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Welcome to Fortress Resistors

Designing and manufacturing power resistors for all industries

Neutral Earthing Resistors

Fortress Resistors neutral earthing resistor (NER) or neutral grounding resistor (NGR)Neutral earthing resistors – also known as NERs or neutral grounding resistors (NGRs) – are employed in distribution networks to limit current through the neutral of a transformer or generator in the event of an earth fault. We also supply and install NER monitoring systems.

NERs limit fault currents to a value that does not cause any further damage to switchgear, generators or transformers beyond what has already been caused by the fault itself. They also assist customers to manage touch and step potentials in order to protect people.

At Fortress Resistors, we believe the key factors to consider when selecting an NER are reliability, quality, ease of installation and the ability to customise the product to meet a customer’s individual requirements. We offer an extensive range of resistor elements and enclosure designs to allow you to select the ideal solution for your requirements, and we pride ourselves on supplying NER systems with proven, predictable results demonstrated over many years of reliable service.

Contact us today to discuss your resistor requirements and determine whether an NER is the correct fit for your needs.

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Dynamic Braking Resistors

Fortress Resistors dynamic braking resistor (DBR)Dynamic braking resistors (DBRs) are used with variable frequency drives to dissipate energy produced as the drive provides braking torque to stop a motor. The dynamic braking resistor is connected between the positive and negative DC buses via a braking module.

We offer both a standard range of dynamic braking resistors for industrial applications which are available on short lead times, and custom designed dynamic braking resistors for the mining industry.

In particular, we specialise in the supply of resistors mounted in GR316 stainless steel cyclone rated enclosures which are equipped with all of the features expected on an Australian mine site. These dynamic braking resistors have been proven on conveyors, stackers, and reclaimers at dry and dusty sites in the Pilbara and in marine environments on shiploaders all around Australia.

Contact us today to discuss your resistor requirements and determine whether a Dynamic braking resistor is the correct fit for your needs.

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Load Banks

Fortress Resistors load bank

Load banks are used in situations where the existing system load is insufficient, or unsuitable, such as periodic or commissioning tests on generators, turbines, welders, battery systems or a UPS, for maintaining a load on a generator, or for commissioning electrical and cooling systems in data centres.

Regular load testing, along with correct battery maintenance, is the best way of ensuring the reliability of standby power systems. Such tests are usually carried out with a temporary load bank brought to site for the purpose and removed afterwards, or a fixed dummy load installed with the generator.

At Fortress Resistors, we’ll help you to select for the most suitable load bank. These options range from portable ‘suitcase’ load banks to stationary, outdoor resistive load banks that are designed and built to be permanently mounted and used for dedicated, on-site testing.

Whatever your load bank requirements, we will have the solution for your business and conditions. Contact us to find out more.

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Motor Control Resistors

Fortress Resistors motor control resistor (MCR)

Motor control resistors control the torque and speed of electric motor for starting, running and stopping. They can be used as secondary resistance starters, field discharge resistors, closed transition resistors, DC loop resistors, and many other applications.

Although AC variable speed drives have, in many cases, replaced these types of motors and control systems, they are often still used on grounds of cost, simplicity and reliability.

Fortress can assist you to replicate existing equipment, even where the original design data is not available and the original manufacturer or your motor control resistor either no longer exists or no longer manufactures resistors.

Fortress Systems manufacture resistors for a number of different types of motor control applications, and can help to guide you through the process of determining which type of motor control resistor you require, and what information you need provide us with. We are also able to assist with other applications, such as small kW motors, dynamic braking, and field discharge. Contact us to find out more.

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Filter Resistors

Fortress Resistors harmonic filter resistor

Harmonic filter resistors consist of capacitors and inductors that allow the fundamental frequency through and resistors that remove unwanted harmonics by dissipating energy in a controlled and reliable way.

The ever-increasing use of power electronics and other solid state devices, which generate harmonic voltages, make the issue of power quality more and more important both for suppliers and users of electrical power.

Increasingly, harmonic filters are required to enable the grid connection of wind and solar farm projects.

Fortress Resistors – often in partnership with other companies within our group – design, build and test filter resistors in accordance with applicable IEC and IEEE standards to guarantee their performance. With no two installations ever being the same, our experienced engineers develop customised solutions for each particular application and environment.

At Fortress, we place an equal importance on technical capability, manufacturing to deadlines, and providing documentation and drawings in a concise and timely manner. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Our Capabilities

Industry experts and leaders in manufacturing resistors

Industry Experts

Decades of experience managing large projects and personnel who are leaders in the industry mean that the team at Fortress Resistors are uniquely capable of understanding our customers individual requirements and expectations.

It’s our priority to meet these requirements in a timely and conscientious fashion, to deliver a stress-free, maintenance-free solution tailored to your business, and industry.

Local facilities and manufacturing using in-house equipment

Local Facilities

Our in-house equipment includes custom resistor element manufacturing equipment, turret punch, welding equipment and more.

Our close ties to local industries mean we can provide secondary processes to meet customer requirements, such as surface finish options and a variety of labelling solutions.

We also have long term relationships with key suppliers, so we are able to supply and install a large range of ancillary equipment alongside our resistors.

Testing and documentation of power resistor products

Testing & Documentation

As part of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power resistor products, we continue to leverage the group’s corporate resources and facilities for product design and testing.

We can also supply project-related documentation from inspection plans and records, test reports, installation, operation and maintenance manuals, quality certificates, shipping documents, welding documents, data sheets, and MDRs.

Not sure what you're looking for?

Fortress Resistors offer a wide range of products and services and are happy to provide advice to assist you to make the right decisions for your application. If you need help adapting a product to suit your needs, advice on complying with applicable standards, or if you can’t find the information you’re looking for, send us an enquiry or give us a call. One of our team will get back to you promptly.

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