Electricity Generation and Distribution

Our neutral earthing resistors are used in distribution networks to protect transformers and generators in substations across Australia and overseas.

We supply filter resistors that help to improve network quality as part of Static VAR compensation packages and damping resistors for HVDC links.

We have supported the introduction of new technologies such as Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters (REFCL) by designing and building customised mobile test equipment to validate their installation and ongoing operation.

We support generator manufacturers and hire companies by providing customised neutral earthing resistors including contactors or disconnectors. We supply load banks for commissioning and testing, or to ensure the generator maintains a set minimum load high enough to prevent its engine being damaged.


Fortress Resistors have been heavily involved in the mining industry since our inception. We regularly contribute to the development of Australian Standards for the mining industry and support mining safety organisations such as MESA.

Our neutral earthing resistors are used in a wide variety of applications from low voltage underground substations to 66kV NERs in surface mining substations. They are used on both fixed and mobile equipment.

Our motor control resistors are used to assist the operation of draglines and shovels across the world, and for starting large conveyors and crushers on iron ore mines. Our dynamic braking resistors are used to assist the control of equipment powered by variable speed drives including conveyors, stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders.

We provide large capacity high voltage load banks to support the operation of remote power generation stations. We provide high current AC and DC contactors used as shorting contactors in liquid resistance starters and to control the operation of draglines.

Renewable Energy

Our neutral earthing resistors are used to limit the earth fault level at the substation between the primary plant and the transmission network on wind and solar farms. Filter resistors are used to help the same sites meet their power quality obligations before they can be connected to the national grid. We supply motor starting resistors and high current AC and DC contactors for motors at hydro power stations.

Data Centres

We supply customised portable load banks for commissioning and testing the power supply and cooling systems for data centre isles prior to the installation of racking and computers.

We supply large HV and LV load banks, both resistive and reactive, that are used for commissioning and testing on site generation.


Our neutral earthing resistors are used in substations at the majority of defence bases across Australia. In most cases they have been built to comply with arduous defence specifications.

We provide fixed and portable load banks for periodic testing of generators.

In collaboration with our sister company in the UK we can provide highly specialised fan forced or water cooled braking resistors that are used to rapidly brake the propeller shaft on naval warships.

Oil and Gas

Our neutral earthing resistors are used to protect gas turbines generators and transformers in all of Australia's LNG production plants. They are also used on offshore production platforms and to support upstream production infrastructure in Queensland's coal seam methane provinces.

Some of the largest neutral earthing resistors ever manufactured have been installed on the 132kV distribution systems at LNG facilities in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

We provide dynamic braking resistors that are an integral part of linear rod pumps used to extract coal seam methane gas from wells in Queensland. We provide large capacity high voltage load banks to support the operation of remote power generation stations.


Fortress locally manufacture fan cooled braking resistors that will be used on Victoria's newest fleet of trains. We can supply specialised transit specific contactors for on board rail vehicles.

Fortress Resistors are the Australian manufacturing unit of the Telema Group. Telema are a global leader in their fields of operation which includes braking resistors, auxiliary heaters, on board contactors and disconnectors, breakers and protection relays for the railway market in addition to cooling fans for our forced ventilation applications.

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