Our Capabilities

Our Expertise

Fortress Resistors are experts in resistor design and manufacture. Both our design and engineering team, and our production team are based in our Braeside, Melbourne facility.

Our engineering team have access to the latest 3D design software and analysis tools and we specialise in customising designs to meet a client’s exact requirements. Through long term partnerships with structural engineers we are able to certify resistor design documents to Australian, New Zealand and international wind and seismic standards. As a Weld Australia member, on request, we can provide welding in compliance with the AS/NZS 1554 series of standards.

The Fortress Resistors production team is made up of a locally trained team of operators who are experienced in sheet metal fabrication, mechanical assembly, and electrical installation work. We manufacture the majority of the resistor elements we use locally.  As a member of the Telema Group, we also have access to the resources of sister companies around the world and for specialist applications can utilise their resistor design skills when there is an advantage in doing so.

resistor design
resistor design

Local Facilities

Our in-house equipment includes:

  • Custom resistor element manufacturing equipment for the production of wire wound, edge wound and stamped grid resistor elements.
  • A turret punch for the punching of sheet metal used in the fabrication of electrical enclosures.
  • Press brakes for the folding of sheet metal and resistor elements.
  • Welding equipment for TIG and MIG welding.
  • The assembly and testing of blower assemblies for fan cooled resistors.

With our close ties to local industries, we can provide a wide variety of secondary processes to meet customer requirements, including:

  • Surface finish options for protective or cosmetic purposes include powder coating, wet-spray painting, galvanising, and brushed and natural finishes.
  • Labelling solutions including engraved and paint-filled, or laser-etched stainless steel or aluminium labels, and custom vinyl adhesive labels.

Through long term relationships with key suppliers we are able to supply and install a large range of ancillary equipment alongside our resistors, including:

  • NER / NGR Monitoring Systems
  • Current transformers (CTs)
  • Voltage transformers (VTs / PTs)
  • High and low voltage circuit breakers
  • High and low voltage contactors
  • High voltage disconnectors, switch-disconnectors, and earth switches
  • Outdoor bushings
  • Outdoor post insulators

Other Services

Fortress resistors equipment is tested annually and calibrated by external NATA accredited organisations


We have vibration analysis instruments to perform testing and balancing of rotating equipment such as blower fan assemblies used in forced air-cooled resistors. We have the capability of performing routine testing as per IEEE32 & IEEE C57.32, including cold resistance measurement, insulation resistance measurement, and PFWV tests up to 100kV using in house equipment. Our equipment is tested annually and calibrated by external NATA accredited organisations.

We are able to perform temperature rise and impulse voltage type tests at third party laboratories in Melbourne and Sydney.

Fortress can supply wide range of project-related documentation


Fortress can supply project-related documentation for your needs. This may include inspection plans and records, test reports, installation, operation and maintenance manuals. We also supply lifting instructions, quality certificates, shipping documents, material certificates, welding documents, data sheets, and MDRs. We have experience managing large projects in the Mining, LNG and Rail Industries and understand the importance of providing documentation that meets our customer’s expectations.

When you need aftermarket support, we can provide engineers and technicians to all areas of Australia. This includes remote mining and LNG facilities.

Not sure what you're looking for?

Fortress Resistors offer a wide range of products and services and are happy to provide advice to assist you to make the right decisions for your application. If you need help adapting a product to suit your needs, advice on complying with applicable standards, or if you can’t find the information you’re looking for, send us an enquiry or give us a call. One of our team will get back to you promptly.

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