AK & MAK liquid resistance starters (LRS)

Liquid starters are used to start wound rotor induction motors (WRIMs) by introducing a variable resistance in the rotor circuit of the motor. With the AK type starter series, Fortress Resistors provides a cost-effective, reliable solution for the cement and industrial sector. For the minerals market, particularly for Ball and SAG Mills, Fortress Resistors offers the MAK type starters with additional features for the specific demands.

  • Smooth, stepless start-up of slip ring motors
  • Adjustable starting times
  • Triangular alignment of electrodes for balanced current density
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Global commissioning and service structure
  • Bushings above water level
  • Scalable for dual pinion drives

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Neutral earthing resistors grey enclosure

SKS starters for Shredder applications

Fortress resistors offers a special liquid resistance starter for shredder applications to guarantee the highest performance for the demanding environment on shredder installations: The SKS series. The SKS starters have a specially developed drivetrain and measuring facilities:

  • High speed belt drive with 800mm/s speed
  • Closed loop AKAMAS control algorithm
  • Direct electrode cooling distribution
  • Active Electrolyte cooling by heat exchangers
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Lightweight V-Type Electrodes with high TDR
  • Bushings above water level

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Additional switchgear for NERs

ARL compact liquid starters

The ARL system is predominantly used for motor powers up to 500kW. The robust design guarantees high operational reliability and long service life. In addition, the simplicity guarantees best value per kW and fits even the tightest budget.
Advantages of the compact starter ARL at a glance:

  • High torque start-up of slip ring motors
  • Adjustable starting times
  • Protection class: IP 54
  • Solid design without moving parts
  • Maintenance free
  • Global commissioning and service structure
  • Adjustable to different motors
  • Best cost/kW ratio on the market

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Additional switchgear for NERs

3PR3 oil cooled starters

Complementary to our liquid starter line Fortress Resistors also provides a stepped starter with oil immersed resistors. The design combines the advantages of a resistor starter with those of a more economical heat carrier (oil) and a high protection class for applications in harsh environments. Robust power contactors guarantee high operational reliability and a long service life combined with low maintenance requirements.

  • Compact design with small footprint
  • High protection class: IP 54
  • Global commissioning and service structure
  • Use of cast iron resistor material
  • Suitable for heavy duty environment
  • Low maintenance
  • High operational safety

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    Additional switchgear for NERs

    AKAMAS monitoring device

    With the AKAMAS monitoring device Fortress resistors provides a specially developed tool that measures the rotor currents in two phases of the wound rotor induction motors (WRIM) rotor circuit and calculates multiple starting performance characteristics of a resistive starter and WRIM in real-time. The measured data of the AKAMAS is logged in customized software and can be analyzed by the users. In addition, the starting curves and performance indicators are displayed on the integrated touch display.
    The AKAMAS is the first standalone device that enables the users to have a solid measurement-based analysis of the starting procedure and empowers them to adjust the liquid resistance starters settings to meet the requirements of the application.

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          Additional switchgear for NERs

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